The Best Genshin Impact Where To Get Silk Flower Ideas

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The Best Genshin Impact Where To Get Silk Flower Ideas. There are four ways to get silk flower in genshin impact. Sad to say, there are no more spots where we can find it, despite the fact that not many appear when compared to other objects of character ascension if it is true that we will get at least 2 flowers for.

Silk Flower Locations Materials Farming Genshin Impact Gamer Guides
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They are found exclusively at the base of wangshu inn and in the flowerbeds of yujing terrace, liyue harbor's upper residential area. You’ll teleport inside and now talk to tubby. Silk flower bushes can only be found in two different places around liyue.

But It’ll Suffice If You’ve Already Harvested Everything Else.

Even then, there are only a. The npc is the owner of the wangshu inn and can be found at the main reception. Thanks to the genshin impact interactive map!

As Such, You’ll Want To Start With One Location, Clear Out The Flowers, Then Clear Out The Other.

The first thing you need to do is go to your inventory and interact with the serenitea pot. Interestingly, since the introduction of the garden function in the serenia pot with update. It is that small town with an inn perched atop a massive tree with an elevator.

Bai, Verr Godlet Sells Five Silk Flowers Every Three Days For 1,000 Mora Each.

This won’t net you a whole lot, but you. You can collect 6 silk flowers between the first bridge and the second. What are silk flowers in genshin impact?

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Silk flower is an item in local specialty material of genshin impact. It usually requires you to collect some items every 10 levels. The wangshu inn is the 2nd location where we can obtain a few silk flowers.

As You Can See From The Above Image, The Spawn Locations For Silk Flowers In Genshin Impact Are Rather Scarce, Located Within Yujing Terrace And Wangshu Inn.

Teleport to wangshu inn and fly down the bridge located directly below. Genshin impact is full of different collectible items, they have different rarities, values, and uses, silk flower is one of them. As such, you’ll want to start with one location, clear out the.

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