The Best Phone Hangs Up After 2 Hours 2022

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The Best Phone Hangs Up After 2 Hours 2022. Do you use your phone extensively for several hours. If anyone has had this problem and resolved it, it would be much.

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This is quite annoying when i'm talking on the phone with my girlfriend. I've noticed that my galaxy nexus hangs up a call after 2 hours. The call ends at 8 hours and 1 to 3 seconds regardless if people are talking or not.

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By tech with tech's team february 28, 2022. Alternatively, first you can take backup of this data in your computer and then delete it from your phone. This will change the flair of your.

See If That Resolves The Issue.

My question is, i don't know whether this is carrier based or rom based. I would say this has something to do with your carrier. That might be a scam.

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My previous phone, a blackberry. Phone hangs up after exactly two hours. Dear whom may concern, since ive cve purchased the iphone 6 it seems to have some issues with.

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In short, the phone hangs up after 4 hours for these reasons: Could it be some limit imposed by your carrier, has it happened on previous devices or friends using some network, i’ve never had the need to talk for that amount of time so unsure of what else could trigger a disconnect other than signal loss. At first i thought i had accidentally pressed the end call button with my face.

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Many providers do that to avoid lines being left accidentally open and clogging up capacity. If anyone has had this problem and resolved it, it would be much. Maybe there is a limit on the device that quit the call at a certain sustained limit.

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