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Cool Vietnam National Flower Lotus References. Root and trunk are under the mud. It exists in varieties of colors that are pink, red, white, blue and purple, and each color exhibits a different meaning but they all have pleasant fragrance and people simply love them at first sight.

Lotus Vietnam’s national flower, a symbol of divine beauty Vietnam
Lotus Vietnam’s national flower, a symbol of divine beauty Vietnam from

Anyone would agree that national symbols create the entity which reflects the pride and prestige of the entire nation. New guinea and northern and eastern australia, even in egypt. A bunch of beautiful pink lotus flowers.

It Exists In Varieties Of Colors That Are Pink, Red, White, Blue And Purple, And Each Color Exhibits A Different Meaning But They All Have Pleasant Fragrance And People Simply Love Them At First Sight.

The lotus is the national flower of vietnam. The lotus stands for the beauty in vietnam. The elegance of the lotus is often cited in the vietnamese folk songs and poems.

The First Flower On Our List Is Actually The National Flower Of Vietnam.

Lotus has a large variety of uses in vietnamese culture: In the lotus ponds of course; In many ways, it's like its national flower, the lotus, remarkable for growing out of the mud but emerging in beauty.

Many Countries Across The Globe Are Recognized By A Plant That Symbolizes Their Geographical Area.

Lotus is also an important symbol in buddhism as the seat of buddha. The lotus plays a key role in vietnamese culture, appearing in many cultural events. This bloom is still considered one of the most beautiful flowers in vietnam.

The Stamens Can Be Dried And Made Into A Fragrant Herbal Tea Called Lotus Tea.

The national flower is the lotus flower which will always be the most important flower but others like the chrysanthemum are also important as they are believed to bring fortune to. It is also symbolic of detachment as water droplets easily slide off the flowers petals. According to a poll organized by the ministry of culture, sports and tourism (mocst) for vietnam’s national flower, lotus ranks first on the list with 71,1% votes, following by hoa mai with 18,16% and peach blossom with 6,71%.

The Lotus Has A Simple Beauty Like The Vietnamese.

Ambassador ngo thi hoa from hanoi reveals the value of the lotus flower to the people of vietnam on the occasion of their 76th national day. When it blooms depends on the region. A lotus flower consists of flower cup, petal, pistil, lotus seed pod.

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