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Awasome Well Woman Clinic Galway References. 2nd vaginal swab for chlamydia and gonorrhoea. We truly believe in the old adage “knowledge is power” and actively encourage women to participate in managing their condition to help achieve the best possible outcome.

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High blood pressure, high cholesterol, smoking cessation, weight management. Other additional testing can be added to this screen if required. Please ‘click’ on these options to see if you would be advised to avail of these tests.

Additional Investigations May Be Included To Tailor The Well Woman Medical To Your Needs.

Please ‘click’ on these options to see if you would be advised to avail of these tests. This is an all inclusive cost paid at the clinic following your appointment. Prices apply to uk only where we are nurse led.

*Cultures May Also Be Obtained To Screen For Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

*high vaginal swab and vaginal assessment. Detailed report inclusive of blood results will be given/emailed to patients on request. We are here to make you feel comfortable and in control and encourage you to ask any questions you may have about your condition and proposed treatment plan.

The Objective Of The Clinic Is To.

We are happy to offer a comprehensive womens health service including: The well woman clinic is for women who wish to stay healthy or women who are concerned that they may have a health problem. The medical team are available for consultation by appointment as follows:

Cervical Smear Tests Are Now Free To Women Between 25 And 60 Under The National Cervical Screening Program (Cervical Check).

We provide assessment, advice, prescribing and fitting for all methods of contraception by appropriately trained doctors and. We offer a genital health check, the specifics of which will depend on your age, your. Gp matters 0141 7373 289.

We Offer An Extended Well Woman Check Including Medical Tests And Additional Screenings.

For appointments call +94 763 909099 Our extensive range of services reflects our belief in a proactive, preventative approach to healthcare and include. Give us a call at 020 7183 0435 or write to us at [email protected] to get further details and schedule your appointment.

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